Sewer Scope Inspections in Houston, Tx

Having your sewer lines checked regularly is crucial to maintain a healthy home. It will prevent future damage and ensure everything is fine inside your home’s sewer lines. 

A professional home inspector will use specialized equipment, such as a flexible borescope camera, to see and record the inside video of your pipes. They will look for any possible cracks, clogs, or damage. Sometimes, clogged sewer lines also lead to structural damage and thus should be regularly inspected to avoid more extensive damage.

A drain inspection takes little time. The duration ranges between a few minutes to an hour. It also depends on how large your property and sewer system are. 

Whether purchasing a new home or getting a routine inspection, sewer scope inspection holds immense value and benefits, such as preventing structural damage and health risks. 

Once the procedure is done, the inspector will recommend where the damages are and explain the precautionary steps to be taken further. Contact us today to schedule the Sewer Scope Inspections services.

Trusted & Professional Sewer Scope Inspectors

Damage to sewer lines can be devastating to your home. Hence they should be addressed as soon as possible. A trained and certified inspector will inspect the sewer lines to look for cracks, clogging, or other damages. We have specialized camera equipment to identify the issues and suggest steps to deal with them efficiently.

We will also provide a thorough sewer inspection report with all the findings and recommendations. A sewer scope inspection can also spot potential problem areas before they become the cause of concern.

When the sewer lines are blocked or clogged, it imposes a severe health hazard on your family members as the sewage can go back into the home and contaminate the water. This contaminated water can lead to many biological hazards and can cause health issues like intestinal, lung, and other infections. 

Get peace of mind by scheduling a sewer scope inspection today by a team of certified sewer scope home inspectors. Call now.

Why Choose Us for Sewer Scope Inspections in Houston, TX?

Contact us immediately if you need a reliable home inspector for sewer scope inspections. We are a team of certified professionals with the knowledge and expertise to conduct quality sewer inspections on your property. 

We have access to specialized equipment, such as a flexible borescope camera, to examine the lines and underground pipes for flaws, imperfections, and damage. 

Once the process is done, we will review all the findings and draft a comprehensive inspection report explaining the details found during the inspection. We usually take an hour or more to finish the entire process.

Whether or not you see any signs indicating something is wrong with your sewer system, getting a sewer line scope inspection is still recommended. 

We will efficiently look for cracks, corrosion, blockages, debris, etc., inside your pipes and recommend suggestions to rectify the problems with ease. Even minor issues can create havoc and lead to expensive repairs. So, call us today to schedule the services and ensure your home stays in top condition always.

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