New Construction Inspection In Houston TX

Getting into a freshly constructed home doesn’t prove its built quality. Just because it is brand new doesn’t mean it is sans flaws. Sometimes, many issues are found during the inspection that can cause future headaches if not resolved promptly.

Hence, before getting into a new home, irrespective of whether it’s freshly built, it is crucial to get a new construction inspection done by experts. New homes can have flaws, too; from cracks in the foundation to leakage around windows to improperly installed electrical wiring, many issues can disappoint you soon after you move in.

A new home may look flawless to the naked eye but potentially contains many imperfections below the surface. A home inspection can provide key insights into the home’s construction and prevent costly future repairs. Get in touch with a team of experts to ensure you are entering a property that will bring peace of mind and won’t cause trouble. Call now and book the services today.

 Phases of New Construction Inspections Includes

The five essential phases of a new construction inspection include:

We will also inspect the water heater service line, meter, and pipes to look for leaks or corrosion. 

Benefits of New Home Construction Inspection

New home construction inspections come with many benefits, such as:

Just because a property is new doesn’t mean it can’t have flaws. Though the cost of getting new home construction sometimes seems like a stretch, it is worth it. You can even get the defects repaired for builders’ money. So, contact us today to get a quality new construction inspection done at your place and ensure you are entering a property that isn’t just beautiful on the outside but also sturdy and strong on the inside.

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